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Miracles and The Magic Kingdom

I am convinced that some precious people in life are really angels.  My sweet friend Cyndee is one of those "earth angels".  She must stuff those wings inside her shirt each morning and tuck her halo beneath her beautiful brown hair.  {Smile.} Cyndee is one of the sweetest, purest hearts I know. She and her family are a blessing to all those around them.

Today, I invited Cyndee to share an amazing testimony of God's faithfulness and protection during a horrific car accident.  And you will also hear about how God blessed their family a few months later in a personal, over-the-top way. Cyndee's honest and gentle prayers were answered by our gracious and generous God.  Enjoy today's guest post by Cyndee Carr. ~ Sharon

"It is pleasant to see dreams come true..."
Proverbs 13:19

The Carr Family (Steven, Cyndee, Bill)
and several Disney cast members

Driving down the interstate from Pennsylvania to Florida on our long-awaited, first-ever trip to Disney World, a tractor trailer flew past us going so fast that it created a wind vacuum that caused the travel camping trailer we were towing to jack knife and roll over onto its side taking our big Suburban with it.  

Moving metal meeting hard cement, the noisy, horrific crash abruptly ended our dream vacation to Disney World.  

Trapped in the crashed vehicle, I was scared and shaken.  Concerned for my husband, Bill, and my son, Steven, I began to pray as I waited to be rescued.  Though this crash was horrific, immediately we could see God's miraculous protection and provision.     

The 40 gallon gas tank had just been filled the hour before had ruptured and gasoline was leaking and flowing towards where I was trapped in the car.  Amazingly, the screw cap for fresh water tank for the trailer had come off it wasn’t broken off and no one had touched it.  The water for the fresh water tank flowed OVER the gasoline neutralizing it. 

The two 30 lb propane tanks which were turned on to keep our fridge in the trailer running had snapped off their storage place and were rolling down the road.  My husband was able to break free from our vehicle and get to them and turn them off without an explosion.

We didn’t hit anything and nobody hit into us.  We didn’t roll off the road into the nearby stream. 

The first two people on the scene were an off-duty state trooper and an off-duty EMT.  The wife of one of the men was able to comfort our 9-year old son, Steven, while they cut me out of the car.    

Our dog who was supposed to go with us most certainly would have been seriously injured or worse; but at the last minute our daughter-in-law offered to keep her.

My husband, son and I all escaped this accident with little more physically than cuts and bruises.  God even protected our older son and daughter as they left their work and families to drive down five hours in the rain to be with us and help us get home!  He provided and protected exceedingly and abundantly!!

We had saved for five years for our first trip to Disney World. Although this unwelcomed and life-changing crash was indeed traumatic, God’s mercy and protection was all around us.

We were blessed with the opportunity to finally get to Disney (we flew this time!!) for nine nights that November.  We were able to celebrate Steven’s 10th birthday in Magic Kingdom!

And look at the wonderful gift God gave our family while we were in Disney: 

Bill's family surprised me with a gift of a massage and manicure at The Saratoga Resort Spa on the Friday morning of our trip as a thank you for being his mom's transportation after her double knee replacement.  (How humbling.)  During my quiet time with the Lord that morning, I thanked Him for all the blessings He had given so far and dared to ask if there was any way there could be a "magical moment" for Steven that I had read so much about people experiencing.  That would just be extra special. 

To get to my spa appointment using the Disney transportation system (we only rented a car for one day to see the shuttle launch), we had to take a bus to Epcot, then take another one from Epcot to Saratoga Springs.  When we got to Epcot, walking to the bus pick up place for Saratoga Springs, we passed a bus unloading from another high end resort area and the passengers were disembarking onto a red carpet with balloons and doing the limbo.  

A definite par-tae atmosphere!

Steven asked “How do you get on a bus like that?”  I told him it must be one of the perks you get for the extra money you pay for staying at a luxury place.  

When we got to the Saratoga Springs bus area, a bus came and dropped people off, but wouldn't let us get on as they were not going back to that resort.  A second bus came and went doing the same thing.   It was early in the morning, and the busses were doing drop offs, not pickups.  It was now 9:15, my appointment was at 9:45 and I had no idea how we would get there.  An attendant from the "party bus" seeing us standing alone at the bus stop walked up and asked what was wrong. When we explained, and she saw Steven's "My First Time" and “Celebrating my Birthday” pins, she said, 

"Follow me, I have something special for you".  

Yes, you are right!  We got the red carpet rolled out for us with party music playing!  The bus was decorated with balloon bouquets everywhere!

What a celebration atmosphere!  Then Steven got one of those felt birthday cake hats, I was presented
with a princess tiara and bling ring from Mickey, Bill was given a king's crown and royal bling ring.  Then Steven was turned into a pirate with pirate bandana tied onto his head (Bill and I were given pirate bandanas too), eye patch, felt pirate hat, sword and a bling ring.  They had the words printed for the song "A Pirate's life For Me" and played the music from a Karaoke machine for us all to sing along.  Then they had us doing the Macarena on the bus!  Steven got to stand up and do the Macarena in the middle of the aisle while the bus was driving with an attendant on either side of him so he wouldn't fall. 

When we got to Saratoga Springs they rolled out the red carpet again and we did the limbo coming off the bus.  Then they took our picture with our camera for us.  They presented Steven with a bouquet of balloons and asked him "to pay the joy forward" by giving away the balloons to anyone he wanted.  We also were presented with a special Fast Pass that would get us to the front of any line for one ride.  

Talk about an over the top magical moment!!  Still buzzing from that wonderful experience, I was quietly thanking God for the way He answered my prayer walking into the hotel lobby to get directions to the spa.  I said excuse me to a gentleman with his back to me behind the counter.  

He turned with a smile and the name on his name badge was JESUS!!!  

I stammered to ask how to get to the spa and walked out of the lobby trying not to cry like a baby.

Thank You,Jesus, for Your love and Your bountiful blessings...beyond imagination.  Only You can do such things!

~ By Cyndee Carr

Thank you, Cyndee!  Wowzie...God is good!  This verse is for you dear heart:

"Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God."
Matthew 5:8

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Fields of gold said...

WOW!!!!! That is a miracle, every step of the way! Thank you for sharing this beautiful and awe-inspiring testimony of God's gentle goodness.

His goodness and mercy truly do pursue and follow us all the days of our lives.

xoxo, Sam