Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Sister ~ The Bride

"It is pleasant to see dreams come true..."
Proverbs 13:19

Me and my sister Anne

My beautiful, younger sister, Anne, got married this past Saturday!  We are thrilled for her and her new husband!  God gave Anne "Mr. Wright"!  Literally...that's his last name.  And now, that is her last name too!

Mr. & Mrs. Wright.  It just seems right.

After waiting a long time, a dream of my sister's has come true.  We are so thankful to the Lord for His goodness, His faithfulness and His perfect provision.  Our hearts could not be happier for her...for them.

My sister the bride.  She was simply gorgeous.  She was peaceful, joyful, composed and lovely in every way.  

My family, though flawed in many ways, is truly special.  Seemingly prickly with imperfections, my family is perfect to me and for me.  Though not escaping certain "dysfunctions", my family has amazing love and loyalty.  We function well in great love and care.  

We love each other, challenge each other, encourage one another and make each other mad.  We speak the truth, we love, we communicate.  {We communicate.}  We poke necessarily with a heart that is cheering each other on to growth and truth.  We care with gentleness.  We love with tenacious loyalty.    

My sister loves our entire family deeply.  She is loyal and dedicated and would do absolutely anything for all of us.  Always there for us, even through her own difficult seasons, Anne is steadfastly present in our lives with her constant love, encouragement and help. She is our "oxygen" often.  

Anne weeps when we weep.  She quietly comes alongside us to comfort and console.

Anne rejoices when we rejoice.  She enthusiastically celebrates our milestones and accomplishments.

What a delight to rejoice with her as she is now a bride for the first time.  Our hearts burst with joy for her and her husband.  Anne, we love you!  We thank the Lord for His goodness to you both!

Here are a few pictures of Anne and Ward's wedding day...enjoy!

Anne got dressed at our house.
Gabrielle was the Flower Girl.
Joshua was the Ring Bearer.
Holly is the sweet, presumptuous doggy
that loves Aunt Anne 
and wanted to come
to the wedding!

It was our honor to chauffeur Anne to the wedding!

Ward and Anne

The Bridal Party
(I was her Matron of Honor)

My mom and her four children.
Me, PJ, Paul and Anne

The ladies (and one guy who snuck in)
To my left is our niece, Stephanie,
who will be a bride in August!

The men in Anne's life
PJ (brother), Ward (hubby)
Paul (brother) and Jim (my hubby)

"...and the two shall become one flesh;
so they are no longer two,
but one flesh."
Mark 10:8

We love you Anne!  Congratulation!!!!!!!


Kelly Combs said...

What a wonderful day. I am happy for Anne and your family.

I love that you said your family had issues and dysfunctions. As you know, my family has many, and I think people want to be encouraged that they are not alone with their issues. thank you.

Also - Joshua is growing so tall and handsome! What a young man. You all looked beautiful. Congrats.

Jim Sloan said...

Congratulations Ward & Anne! Ward, welcome to the family, great to have you as a brother-in-law! Anne, so happy your dream has come true!

Anne Wright said...

Sharon ~ Thank you for your blog about my marriage. I've been truly humbled and blessed by all you've done, and all you've written. You're the best "big sister" a girl could want. You love God; you love your family; you love your friends. Since we set our wedding date Memorial Day weekend, you've parted the seas for me - making me feel like the only woman alive, and the most special bride ever !! Have you and the kids by my side during this amazing journey has touched my life and heart. Thank you for your kind words. Our family IS perfect; perfect for us, even with our flaws. Thank you for all you've done. God answered my prayer of 44 years - to wait for the "wright one". Thanks for your love, kindness, giving heart, and all you've done for me, for us.