Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Joshua ~ 6th Grade Graduation

"And give my son...a loyal heart 
to keep Your commandments 
and Your testimonies and Your statutes..."
1 Chronicles 29:19

Joshua graduates from 6th grade today. Our school holds a meaningful graduation ceremony for 6th graders to acknowledge the milestone of the students completing elementary school and crossing the corridors to the junior high school.  Feeling all the mixed emotions that many moms have experienced before me, I am equipped with tissues. Family and friends will join us today to celebrate with Joshua. We are so grateful.

As I go through the Word each day, one thing I do is journal scriptures that I make as Family Prayers for our family.  With Joshua moving into junior high, I find myself journalling more and more.  One thing I pray every day for each of us, I just re-read recently about Solomon in 1 Kings 3:9 ~ "Therefore give to Your servant an understanding heart...that I may discern between good and evil.”  Daily I pray for God to give our children wisdom, discernment, discretion, understanding, maturity and love beyond their years.  Verse 10 of 1 Kings 3 tell us:  "The speech pleased the Lord..." and He answered Solomon's prayer in abundance.  May He do the same for our little family.

Steadfastness in his walk with the Lord, living a life that honors God, love for God and His Word, continual discernment from the Holy Spirit, a fruitful life for God's glory, a life bursting forth from and rooted in God's love, unconditional love of family, and the faithful love and companionship of pure-hearted friends...these our my prayers for Joshua (and Gabrielle).

We love and respect you Joshua. You are a fine young man.  We are proud of you today and every day.  Always honor God.  

Be on your guard; 
stand firm in the faith 
be men of courage; be strong.
1 Corinthians 16:13

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