Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tying The Knot For 20 Years!

 "Two are better than one...
and a threefold cord is not quickly broken."
Ecclesiastes 4:9, 12
Our Wedding Day ~ 5/23/92

Twenty years ago today, Jim and I tied the knot of a marriage covenant before the Lord. It was a gorgeous day, a beautiful and meaningful ceremony and a fun reception.  

Recently, we sat with our children and watched our videos from the ceremony and reception.  Jim and I cried as we watched the ceremony and laughed as we relived the reception.  Wondering why we haven't watched the videos more often as a family, we vowed to do it at least annually.  Joshua and Gabrielle loved watching the videos and even asked us to have another wedding ceremony and reception.  So, this being our 20th anniversary, we are considering renewing our vows sometime in the near future.  How special it would be to have our children stand with us as we renew our wedding vows before the Lord.

Renewing marriage vows.  

Tying the knot daily.

Tying the knot initially and making that promise to each other before the Lord is foundational.  And 20 years of marriage has shown me that tying the knot and keeping it tied is a daily, moment-by-moment decision.  Choosing to honor the Lord and my husband are choices I have to make daily.  Keeping my feet to the warm fire of God's Word is essential.  Jim choosing to love me as Christ loves the church is a daily surrender and choice for him.  (And wow...I think the husbands have the more difficult assignment!)
Jim is a wonderful husband and excellent father.  I have intrinsic respect for him and love him deeply.  But we are both sinners.  And when two sinners say "I Do", marriage is still hard at times.  Keeping the knot tied everyday with the Jesus as the perfect One in our threefold cord is how we will enjoy many, many more decades of marriage together.  

So we choose to tie the knot daily, to cleave to one another and let Jesus' perfect love bind us together as a threefold cord.  As we celebrate 20 years today, I am humbly thankful to the Lord for His mercy and grace in giving me Jim.  Truly, the Lord lifted me up and placed me on the right and blessed path for life with Jim as my best friend, my favorite brother in Christ, my husband, my helpmate and the father of our children.

" The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places..."
Psalm 16:6

I love and respect you Honey!  Happy 20th Anniversary!
I still do!  And always will!

"Place me like a seal over your heart."
Song of Solomon 8:6
"Many waters cannot quench love,
rivers cannot wash it away."
Song of Solomon 8:7


Kelly Combs said...

Congratulations. What a wonderful post of the love of God, and the power when our marriages have him in the center. May you have many many more years of love together.

Unknown said...
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Jim Sloan said...

Dearest Sharon,

I cannot believe we have been married 20 years already. It has all gone by so very fast, yet I remember it all like yesterday...

And I remember how very much in love with you I was and have been throughout our marriage. Our love for each other and for the Lord, and especially His love and blessings upon us over these past 20 years, have made all things possible. I could not have chosen, and He could not have created, a more precious bride for me than you.

You truly are an amazing woman, wife and mother, gentle and loving, a genuinely Christian woman, full of virtue, devoted to God's Word and faithful to her family and friends, always exhorting, encouraging and compelling us to live for Him. Thank you for sharing your life with me and for being my lover, confidant and best friend, and for always pointing me to Jesus. I am a very blessed man indeed.

I love you with all of my heart. Happy 20th anniversary.