Tuesday, April 3, 2012

She Surprises

"And she was a woman of good understanding
and beautiful appearance..."
1 Samuel 25:3

My sweet friend, LeAnn

A few years ago, the Lord put an idea on my heart called "SerenDIPity" ~ a gathering of friends where everyone brings their favorite savory or sweet DIP to enjoy as we fellowship.  All of our guests vote on their favorite dips, and a variety of awards and prizes are given.  SerenDIPity has become an annual party here in our home.  We love opening our home and hearing the laughter and conversation that warm our hearts.

On Friday afternoon, March 30th, as I was in our kitchen whipping butter and sugar together to make my favorite cupcakes for our SerenDIPity on Saturday, March 31st, there was a knock at our front door.  With the mixer going full tilt in my hand, flour covering my black shirt, my house in disarray after having new carpets installed the day before, and sporting a cosmetic-free face, I wondered why neither my children nor my husband were answering the door.  "Can someone please answer the door?" I shouted.  Jim responded seemingly nonchalantly, "It's for you, Honey.  You answer the door."

Rubbing flour off of my nose, I walked to the front door.  Pulling the door open slowly with my not-ready-for-prime-time-spring white and flabby arms, my jaw dropped in complete shock when I saw my pretty friend's face smiling at me.

LeAnn from North Carolina! 

I think I just stared at her through the door window for about 10 minutes before she sweetly said, "Are you going to let me in?"

Serendipity indeed!!  Several weeks before, LeAnn had contacted Jim about surprising me for SerenDIPity.  What fun!  {And a poignant reminder to me that we may not see the serendipitous blessings God is planning for us.  Humbling.}

I was completely surprised by LeAnn!!!  She had brought her gracious southern hospitality north to Bucks County, Pennsylvania!  Wearing an apron she had made that said "Sharon'sDIPity Helper" in purple and holding a wooden spoon with a purple ribbon, LeAnn warmed our home and our hearts with an amazing surprise visit for SerenDIPity weekend!!!

LeAnn's Apron!

We had SO much fun!!  My "To Do" list for preparing for SerenDIPity peacefully went to the back burner as I enjoyed LeAnn's company.  We had dinner together at The Blue Sage Grille on Friday evening after all the cupcakes had baked.  When we got home, we put cream cheese frosting on the cupcakes and then DIPped them in flaked coconut.

On Saturday morning, we enjoyed Starbucks in historic Newtown Borough and visited just a few of the great shops in Newtown.  Then, after grocery shopping for items for LeAnn's delicious dip recipes, we spent the afternoon in my kitchen. 

Joshua and Gabrielle hardly left LeAnn's side!  They learned great culinary tips from LeAnn.  Joshua even served as LeAnn's scribe while writing down some tweaks to a recipe for her.  LeAnn's love and friendship made such a godly impression on our children's hearts.  What a treasure she is!

LeAnn quietly and graciously enjoyed and served at our SerenDIPity.  What a delight for us to introduce her to our friends. 

On Sunday morning, LeAnn joined us at our church for worship and the Word.  Then, after fellowship and food at Panera, LeAnn headed to the Philadelphia airport to fly back home to Charlotte.  My family and I are still enjoying the afterglow of her wonderful visit. 

SerenDIPity 2012 was more savory and sweeter than ever!! 

Thank you LeAnn!  Your kind, thoughtful, generous and loving presence blessed us beyond words!!!  Your preparations and labors of love have touched our hearts and lives deeply.  May HE pour His bountiful spoonfuls of blessings into your lap!!  Your friendship, godliness, discernment and beauty brought unspeakable joy to us!  You refreshed us!  We love you!

She Surprises.  She Blesses.

"She brings...she selects...she considers...
she provides...she sees...she opens...
she extends...she makes...
she supplies...she laughs...
she speaks...she watches...
a woman who fears the Lord
is to be praised."
Proverbs 31


LeAnn said...

Sweet, sweet friend... I can assure you, the blessing was all mine. Your family is precious, your home inviting, and your friends delightful. Each a testimony to your graciousness and love. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family for the weekend. Its an experience I will treasure always.


Kelly Combs said...

This is the sweetest thing ever. I love it. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Renee Swope said...

I loved reading this - you are both such a humongous blessing to me - and so many others!!!