Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christ ~ First and Forever

"And they began to be merry."
Luke 15:24

This is our 2011 Christmas card and our annual Christmas letter.
Praying that as you and we are enjoying full December days as we celebrate our Savior's birth, that we are preparing and leaving room for Him in our hearts....first and forever.

Sloan Family Highlights 2011

We love the most wonderful time of the year as we celebrate our Savior’s birth and stay in special touch with family and friends! We look forward to hearing from you and the happenings in your life! ♥ Our year was full with His blessings and also opportunities to grow and trust in the Lord. We are grateful for both. Honoring God as a family and living for an “audience of One” keeps our hearts anchored in His truth.

♥ Jim won a golf trip to historic St. Andrew’s in Scotland. He and his dad traveled there and to London in October and had an amazing time. Jim has had an extremely intense year at work, so this trip was a perfect breath of fresh air for him. Jim continues to wholeheartedly serve the Lord in Children’s Ministry Sports and Marriage Ministry Bible studies. Jim is the steady, God-seeking leader and anchor of our home and hearts.  He loves God's truth and makes it our family's foundation.  We love are so thankful to the Lord for him.

♥ I am grateful for the simple blessings of marriage, motherhood, family, ministry and faithful girlfriends. I am thankful for my precious husband and children who see my many weaknesses and yet love me with deep devotion. I cherish and will forever be a student of God’s Word. I am humbled to continue to serve on the editing team for my favorite Christian women’s magazine. I was also honored to serve on the editing team for a new women’s devotional Bible being released in 2012. Still writing a bit myself through my blogs, sharing how God is working in our lives is my heart’s passion.

Joshua & Gabrielle – Our Willows by The Watercourses
“I will pour My Spirit on your descendants
and My blessing on your offspring;
they will spring up among the grass
like willows by the watercourses.” (Isaiah 44:3-4)

♥Joshua is a 6th grader at CCA. He turned 11 in July, and we surprised him with a day in New York City with his dear buddy and their family. We had lunch at The Stardust Diner, where Joshua was serenaded by Broadway hopefuls, and we saw the fabulous Broadway show “Wicked”. Joshua loves being able to participate in middle school sports for CCA this year and especially enjoys football and basketball. You will usually find Joshua shooting hoops or passing the football with friends. Joshua sings in the school choir and he was invited to sing in a special ensemble song for the Christmas concert. He is attending the junior high youth group “LJ3”where he gleans from the Bible studies and enjoys fellowship with friends. Along with Gabrielle, he completed five levels of swimming and earned a special reward from Dad. Joshua loves to golf and even beat his Daddy and Pop Pop this year (shhh!).  Joshua’s heart is a wonderful blend of dedication, respect, love, strength and gentleness. We love and respect our Joshua, a fine young man who desires to honor God and us. “His God instructs him.” Isaiah 28:26

♥Gabrielle is in 4th grade at CCA and is enjoying the privilege of joining choir and band. She loves learning the flute, and we are serenaded throughout our evenings as she practices. She worships the Lord through liturgical dance at school. Gabrielle is happily kicking up her Irish dancing feet, and our pretty Irish Lassie marched in her first Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade. She also competed in her first Oireachtas, where her team placed 4th, and in three dances in her first Irish Feis where she earned two firsts and a second place. Gabrielle’s got game as she plays basketball as well. Now in her seventh year, Gabrielle is completing her last season of Awana Kids Club where she studies God’s Word. Gabrielle is an excellent steward over the gifts God has given her. She loves her friends and has a heart for orphans and those who need to hear the Gospel. Gabrielle loves little children, and she is humbly honored to serve the Lord leading children in worship on Sundays in Children’s Ministry.  We love and admire our lovely young lady. “You have set your heart on seeking God.” 2 Chr. 19:3

“All this comes from the Lord Almighty,
wonderful in counsel and magnificent in wisdom.” Isaiah 28:29

We wish you and yours the Merriest Christmas
and the most blessed New Year.
May the grace and peace of our Savior be with you.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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Love that you sent a letter. I barely got a picture for the card and I still haven't sent them out.