Friday, December 2, 2011

I Am A Meteorologist-Wanna-Be!

"He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth;
He sends lightning with the rain
and brings out the wind from His storehouses."
Psalm 135:7

"Oh my stars!!!  I am on the Action News AccuWeather set!!!!"

Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by weather.  I loved sitting on my front porch and watching the rain. In the peacefulness of the raindrops, I would wonder about our Creator. 

Clouds amazed me.  Once when I was doing a science project on different types of cloud formations, my dad took me up in his small airplane and we took beautiful pictures of the clouds from above and below them.  I still have that project.  I loved it.

Meteorology was the only science class I really enjoyed...and excelled in. Science and I don't have a good relationship in general, but meteorology came naturally to me.  I remember even explaining something to my meteorology teacher once that he didn't understand.  This is notable...I am not science savvy! 

The 7-Day forecast is my favorite part of the nightly local news broadcast. When I fold laundry or am working around the house, if I don't have the worship channel on, I have The Weather Channel on.  Weather excites and interests me.  I know, kind of nerdy, huh?  I am completely content being a weather geek!

Last week at this time, I had a dream come true!!!  A weather-and-news-combined dream come true!!!  My dear girlfriend Heather arranged for me and her to visit the Action News studios (Channel 6 here in Philly)!!!!!  I totally heart Action News and am a loyal viewer.  I feel like they are my family!  (I know, there's my nerdy side again!)  I was over the moon with excitement!

Heather prayerfully planned this special date for us, and...Wow!!  Such fun!!!!  Heather's uncle has worked at Action News for decades, and he happily welcomed us and gave us a great tour!  We even got to sit in on a live news broadcast!!!! 

This is all still sinking in, honestly.  But I wanted to share some pictures of one of the funnest nights of my life!

Heather and Me at the news desk!!! 

Heather's Uncle Herb ~ We love you Uncle Herb! 

The one and only news anchor Jim Gardner, me and Jeff Skversky (sports).
They were so kind and graciously chatted with us and posed for pictures. 

Adam Joseph -- METEOROLOGIST!!!!!!! 
(Maybe he will hire me as his assistant!!!)

What do you think??? 

There's that news van again!!

I am still giddy over this amazing evening with my girlfriend Heather...a week ago at this time!!!  I am so thankful to the Lord for this unique and oh-so-memorable blessing!  I am humbled by His goodness, Heather's thoughtfulness and kindness and Uncle Herb's gracious willingness!!  Thank you!

I couldn't let another day pass without sharing this on Joy In The Truth.  My posts have been less frequent than I would like lately, but I just had to record this huge slice of happiness and gratitude here. 

Thank you, Heather!!!  I am forever grateful and humbled.  Oh, and when can we go back????  Big smile.

"It is pleasant to see dreams come true..."
Proverbs 13:19


Rachel Olsen said...
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Rachel Olsen said...

Oops, I somehow deleted my comment. Just trying to say that I'm so exctied for you. And maybe a little jealous. Only a fellow weather-nerd could appreicate how COOL that must have been!

:) Rachel

Kelly Combs said...

My sister is a weather geek like you. Her favorite channel is the weather channel. I can't imagine how fun this was for you, and what a good friend Heather is!

Sharing in your joy.

Mich said...

How fun for you!!!

Glad to see you are feeling good these days.