Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rookie Mom

"Take your positions with helmets on!"
Jeremiah 46:4

My sweet and fun girlfriend, Lynne, has lovingly nicknamed me "Rookie Mom" as this is Joshua's first year playing football for our school's team.  Lynne herself is quite the lovely polished professional as a football mom.  With one son now playing college football and her other son playing on the middle school team with my rookie-season son, she is savory and smart when it comes to football!  (She is also married to a former professional football player.)

It seems appropriate to me that Lynne is graciously showing me the ropes as a football mom.  Lynne, though only a few years ahead of me in age, is way ahead of me in motherhood. My oldest is in sixth grade.  Her oldest is a sophomore in college.  Though she may not realize it, she is a godly mentor to me.  I have watched her as she looks over the affairs of her household with gentle love, fierce conviction and unwavering dedication.  

We have prayed for each other's children and we have shared our hearts as moms.  (Lynne even taught me the proper way to choose a ripe watermelon ~ you knock on it to see if it sounds hollow!!)   Now, as we laugh and cheer together on the sidelines of the football field, I am humbled that God would bring such a wise friend alongside of me.  Rookie Mom here humbly receives loving instruction!

God truly has given me the best friends.  Friends that cheer each other along in motherhood.  Friends who will defend each other in truth.  Friends who are our offensive line in prayer.  Friends who are our "safety".  Friends who run together as we head toward the goal. 

I sat last night on my kitchen floor in a pool of tears feeling like such a rookie mom.  My miscues and my penalties hurt my team ~ my husband and my children.  I don't like that.  It pains me.  But as my head drooped heavily into my weak hands, the Lifter of My Head whispered to my heart, "I am your strength, Rookie Mom.  Trust My perfect game plan." 

I pray I always have the humility of a rookie mom, completely aware of my need for Him, His wisdom and His truth.  Looking to those wives and moms who are ahead of me in the game or who are running alongside me, I am grateful to God for the godly friendships He has given me.

I am thankful for my girlfriends, like Lynne, who love me, who pray for me and my family and who are willing to run alongside me with His truth.  Girlfriends who know I am a rookie mom and love me anyway.  God, you are good. 

Game on!  Let's play!

"So we make it our goal to please Him..."
2 Corinthians 5:9

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Kelly Combs said...

OH Sharon! I loved this post on so many levels! How blessed you are to have a mentor mom to help you. The blessing of friends! And oh, how I hate when my rookie mistakes effect the whole Combs team!

So thankful for a loving Coach, God, who encourages us to get back into the game.

I loved this post!