Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well-Trimmed Hair and A Prayer

“They shall neither shave their heads,
nor let their hair grow long,
but they shall keep their hair well trimmed."
Ezekiel 44:20

My girlfriend, Lori, recently said, "There really is a scripture for everything!"  So true!  We teach our children that, as they open God's Word each day, He will always give them His satisfying portion.  As we seek Him, He will give us the perfect, fulfilling truths our hearts need.  They have seen this happen so many times already and it makes our parental hearts jump for joy!  Joy in the Truth.

Last week, God amusingly gave me the perfect scripture to share with Joshua.  For the last two summers, we have permitted Joshua to "grow his hair long" and be hair-cut-free for the entire summer.  Then, just before the new school year begins, we take him for a hair cut. 

My plan for this summer was to take Joshua for his hair cut on the day of our school's Open House for "Meet The Teacher Night", which is the end of next week.  But his hair had really gotten long in the front and he could barely see.  With football practice starting this week, I wanted to take him for his hair cut earlier than originally planned.  Knowing this would be a disappointment for him and that my revised plan might meet with some resistance, I chatted with God one morning and asked Him to give Joshua an understanding and cooperative heart.  Either way, the hair was getting cut.  A cooperative heart would yield a peaceful day.

In my journey through the entire Bible in one year, that morning's reading included several chapters from Ezekiel, and I laughed when I read Ezekiel 44:20 ~ “They shall neither shave their heads, nor let their hair grow long, but they shall keep their hair well trimmed."  God has a great sense of humor!  Thank you, God!  This was the perfect scripture to back up my parental earlier-than-expected hair cut for Joshua decision! 

When he came downstairs, I excitedly shared the well-trimmed scripture with him with a big smile on my face and an intentional hint of light-hearted banter in my tone.  He looked at me in amazement.  "Moooooommmmmm, come on!"  He couldn't hold back the grin acknowledging the uncanny timeliness and appropriateness of the scripture.  His heart steadily warmed up to the revised plan. 

So yesterday, ten days earlier than originally planned, I took him to get well-trimmed.  He was not thrilled at first as the woman cut it shorter than we both requested.  His handsome blond hair was a little more "well-trimmed" than we both wanted, but he was consoled knowing that his hair will grow.  And, in light of the big stuff of life, this is easy. 

Lori is right ~ there really is a scripture for everything...even hair cuts!  Lori is a wise, wonderful woman.  Friends, I am asking for prayer for my girlfriend, Lori.  For almost five years now, she has been battling cancer.  She is brave, and her unwavering faith in God just humbles my soul.  She never complains, and she always views her battle in light of eternity.  She is having a significant surgery tomorrow, for which she has waited over a year.  Would you please pray for her?  May God's perfect provision, faithfulness, love and truth minister deeply to her heart and body.  May His healing touch bring her to complete health.  Thank you.  Lori ~ I love you!  Jim, the kids and I will be praying and can't wait to deliver your Tab to you soon!  

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Heather said...

First, will absolutely be praying for sorry for the battle, but so thankful that God is holding her hands and leading her every step of the way...praying for HIS prefect, perfect peace and provision. secondly, Joshua looks GREAT! When I first read it through, I thought it said, "it was so long he couldn't walk" I was thinking "it wasn't THAT long." But it said "he couldn't SEE!" I need to hone my reading skills before Sept 7!
Thanks so much for sharing this...there really IS a verse for everything!