Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Even On Sundays

"Come, my children, listen to me;
I will teach you the fear of the LORD."
Psalm 34:11

French-braiding Gabrielle's hair at 7 a.m.on Sunday morning, I spoke tenderly to her as her tired body stood quietly.  Still half asleep, she was sweetly cooperative as my fingers wove through her soft, blond locks.  Usually we go to the second service, but our day's plans proclaimed that we needed to attend the first service.  I had to wake Gabrielle up out of a sound sleep so she could get ready. 

Standing together looking into her mirror, her pretty reflection looking into my eyes, God blessed us with a sweet, little conversation that I pray made a deep impact on her heart.  It was one of those unexpected, serendipitous opportunities to teach her and live out, by His grace alone, Psalm 34:11. 

I told her she was doing a great job preparing for church even though she was very tired.  She got out of bed without complaining and quietly washed and dressed herself. 

"Gabrielle, you are doing very well this morning, and I know you are very tired.  Thank you.  I know you are still sleepy.  I am tired, too, but we are going to first service today."
"What time did you get up, Mom?"
"Well, I got up early to have my quiet time and devotions with the Lord and to put dinner in the crock pot."

"You got up early to have devotions today, Mom?"

"Yes, I did."

"You get up early for quiet time and devotions...even on Sundays?"

"Yes, even on Sundays."

Especially on Sundays.  I need to be sure my heart is right before I enter the sanctuary of God to worship and to receive the teaching from God's Word.  I don't want anything between me and God.  I don't want unconfessed sin or an unchecked heart.  I want to worship Him without pretense and with sincerity.  I want Him to convict me and encourage me through His Word.

"Now do not be stiff-necked...but yield yourselves to the LORD; and enter His sanctuary, which He has sanctified forever, and serve the LORD your God..." 2 Chronicles 30:8

If I need to make things right with my husband and apologize for a spat, I do that.  If I've been putting my hands over my ears to something God has been trying to whisper to me, my hands need to be folded in prayer and receiving His word.  If pride has gotten a hold of my attitude and heart, I need to humble myself and ask for forgiveness.  I need my quiet time with Jesus each morning.

Even on Sundays.  Especially on Sundays.

As I wove her hair into a pretty braid, I believe He was weaving His love and truth into the fibers of her heart.  I pray God used that precious moment with Gabrielle to make a lasting impression on her young, tender heart.  Our relationship with God is constant and uninterrupted.  He continually hears our hearts' cries, receives our praises and desires to walk and talk with us throughout every moment of every day. 

Even on Sundays.  Especially on Sundays.    

One thing I have desired of the LORD,That will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the LORD All the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the LORD, And to inquire in His temple.
 Psalm 27:4 


Runner Mom said...

Your post was so timely, sweet friend! I wish that I too could say that I meet with the Lord before church--'cause I really need to on this day!! But, I don't. Need to be in prayer about being more obedient in this area. Thanks for this gentle reminder.
Love you!!

Charlotte said...

Hi Sharon. Just thought I'd drop by and say "hi". I was looking at the cruise photos the other day and was reminded how much I enjoyed meeting you and eating at the table with you each evening. I liked the jax story. Reminded me of how many hours I spent playing jax, jumping rope, etc with a good friend who is still my friend after all these years. We still keep in touch. I'm sure I took my ball and jax and went home a few times. LOL
Hope you're having a good life.