Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Irish Lassie Is Dancing

"...go out to dance with the joyful."
Jeremiah 31:4

Since just about the moment Gabrielle was born, my mom ("Nan Nan"), who is 100% Irish, enthusiastically and generously offered to treat Gabrielle to Irish Step-Dancing Lessons.  Well, after years of talking about it, the lessons have begun! 

Honestly, I was the one dragging my Irish feet.  An Irish lass myself, even born on St. Patrick's Day, I should be ashamed.  But, I am just not the type of mom who does well shuttling her cherubs here and there on school nights.  When they get home from school, I like them to play, eat dinner, do homework, play a bit more and then begin our bed-time rituals.  We have mostly kept extra-curricular sports and activities to weekends and at times that don't conflict with school nights. 

My mom and Gabrielle gently and patiently nudged me.  The nudgings became more frequent this past year.  The Lord knows my heart and I asked Him to lead me in His perfect plan.  I wanted to be obedient and honor my mom's and Gabrielle's desires.  A few items on my mommy wish list as I researched dance schools: 
1.  I hoped for a "real" Irish Dance school -- you know, the name should be IRISH -- beginning with "Mc" or "Fitz". 
2.  A school close by would be lovely, preferably our home town. 
3.  The lesson time had to fit well into our school-night routines.  

As He always does, He led me perfectly.  We found an Irish dance school -- with a real Irish name!!!  The Irish dance school is in our home town...just a few miles away!!!  And the lessons are on Wednesday afternoons -- the only "no homework" night for the kids school during the week!!!!  Woo Hoo!  I am so thankful to the Lord!  He led us perfectly.   

Gabrielle has only had a few lessons so far but she is having a great time!  I am so proud of her for quietly yet confidently joining the beginner class that had already formed and where most of the students have taken lessons for at least one year already.  Her teacher, the owner of the school, is a sweetheart -- straight from Ireland!  She holds Gabrielle's hand as she teaches her one-on-one.  Gabrielle also receives instructions from older students who have been taking lessons for several years.  

Nan Nan came with us for the first lesson a few Wednesdays ago.  The smiles and twinkling eyes that lit up my mom's face and Gabrielle's face as Gabrielle began to dance to Irish music made my heart burst with joy!   I am so thankful that my sweet Irish mom has the delight of seeing her youngest granddaughter dance to those familiar, nostalgic Irish tunes (just like one of her older granddaugthers did years ago)!  

Gabrielle took various dance lessons as a pre-schooler, has been taking liturgical dance lessons at school for several years and is now adding Irish step-dancing to her repertoire. 

We are excited to watch her as she steps out and honors her Irish heritage!!!!   
Dance, Gabrielle, Dance!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

How fun Sharon!

Enjoy watching her DANCE!

Love you,

Kelly Combs said...

Your mom was be so special to provide this gift for Gabrielle and you are a good mom to allow it.

We think just alike on school night activities! It is important to me for my family to have "down time" and we limit our activities too.

Be blessed!

Edie said...

How fun and what a wonderful legacy!

Dance before the LORD with all your might.

I really admire you Sharon. I so agree with your thoughts on extra-curricular activities. Where in the world did parents get the idea that you need to get your kids involved in everything under the sun?

Much love to you!

Heather said...

L.O.V.E I.T!

Love your tiny dancer!!

Hope she enjoys every moment...