Saturday, June 5, 2010

Merciful Rain Falls Over The Children

Gabrielle - covered by the mercy of God and her friends.
(Pictured left to right:
Ysabelle, Emily and Anjali covering Gabrielle in mercy.
Gabrielle is in front bowing before God.)

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.
Luke 6:36

Gabrielle recently had her dance recital at school. All of the dances are liturgical and worshipful in nature. This year, Gabrielle's class danced to "Merciful Rain" by Ffh. I could not find the song on PlayList to accompany this post, but you can here the song here:

The lyrics to Merciful Rain are at the end of this post. The song is so beautiful. Tears streamed down my face as I listened to the song and watched these precious girls dance together worshipping God for His mercy. As a mom, I prayed that, just as they did in the dance, they would cover one another in God's mercy throughout their lives and friendships. How beautiful it was for one of Gabrielle's dearest friends, Emily, to cover Gabrielle with mercy. It took my breath away, hushed my heart and raised my hands to God. Emily is a sweetheart of a girlfriend to Gabrielle. How it touched this momma's heart that she covers Gabrielle with mercy. May it always be so. May they both cover one another with His pure mercy and grace.

Pop Pop, Aunt Ronni (from Texas!), Nana, Gabrielle, Nana, Aunt Anne

Me, Jim Joshua, Gabrielle and Uncle PJ

Emily and Gabrielle
How beautiful was it for us to see Emily covering Gabrielle with mercy.

Read these words to "Merciful Rain". So beautiful! They have become a prayer for our cherubs.

Merciful Rain (by Ffh)

Let the Holy Spirit come over you now
As the healing rain falls from the clouds
There is nothing you can do to deserve it
You don't have to earn His love
Let the rain fall from above
Merciful rain falls over the children
Merciful rain falls over the children
Merciful rain falls over the children of God
Over the children of God
Merciful rain falls
See the Holy Dove descending over you now
Feel the Living Water cleansing your soul
In the name of Jesus you have been forgiven
You have been redeemed forever
Fix your eyes on Heaven


Kelly Combs said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful song, beautiful truth about God. What a wonderful event. Be blessed.

Mich said...

Great pictures! I know she made your mommy heart so proud.

Happy weekend.

Runner Mom said...

What a beautiful song and dance! So proud of her and this opportunity to bless others. Thanks for the great pictures!!

Heather said...


This post is so meaningful. In so many ways this embodies the hearts of our children and the gentle way the Lord leads them...his precious lambs, weren't they just beautiful? But it is a reminder, one that begs us to constantly consider that we are HIS children, that we are always HIS children, blessed by the washing of His rain falling mercifully over us. What a powerful lesson in the movement and praise our children lifted to Him. WOW! What a treasure that our sweethearts were granted this gift to dance together and honor one another to His glory just as they do in their friendship.

Love you, friend!

Rachel Olsen said...

Love those photos of the girls dancing beneath the dove!!