Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Wholehearted Half-Birthday Celebration

"He who regards one day as special,
does so to the Lord."
(Romans 14:6)

Half Birthdays....wholehearted sprinkles of celebration for our cherubs' hearts. Simple. Meaningful. Fun. Half birthday cakes are served. We've even been known to serve half pizzas. Whatever makes it a little silly and very memorable for the cherubs.

On Sunday, January 31st, we celebrated Joshua's Half Birthday -- 9 and a half. I made him one of his favorites for dinner -- homemade chicken pot pie (tried serving that gooey thing in a half...didn't work too well!). For dessert, his favorite -- cheesecake. Half of a cheesecake, that is.

Share with us some fun things you do!!! Let's spur one another one!
We are snowed in today and tomorrow with "blizzard-like conditions". Will post some "Snowtographs" tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by for a quick visit!
Happy 9-1/2 Birthday, Joshua!


Kelly Combs said...

Very sweet & special. I always talk about doing this with my oldest, who has a summer birthday, to celebrate at school. But I never remember.

Actually, her half birthday is in 8 days...maybe this will be the year!

Mich said...

You are such a good mom! I'm lucky if I can remember the real birthday, much less the half ones!

I know he will remember these precious memories with you forever.

Heather said...

Great tradition!! Love it! I am with Joshua...cheesecake with blueberries, mmmm. I am more partial to cherries, BUT that pic of the cake looked yummy and he looks ready to dive in!! :)

Happy Half Birthday Joshua!
Aunt Heather

Tosin said...

happy birthday sharon.May the Lord continue to renew your strength daily as you labour in His vineyard.
Tosin O(Nigeria)