Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Treasure Verse Tuesday

"Your statutes are my heritage forever;
they are the joy of my heart."
Psalm 119:111

It has been on my heart to begin "Treasure Verse Tuesday" here at Joy In The Truth. On each "Treasure Verse Tuesday" I am going to share a different scripture that ministered to my heart in a special way. You know, one of those scriptures that just seems to pop off the page of the Bible and into our hearts. A treasure from His Word for our hearts.

God has given me such a love for His Word. As I read it daily, I am always overwhelmed at the depth and richness of His truths in scripture. His Word is so real, so alive, so deep. It is timelessly relevant and applicable.

Just this morning as I was reading Wendy Blight's new book "Hidden Joy In A Dark Corner", I was saying "amen" out loud when I read what she had written (page 34):

"Open His Word. Sit at His feet and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Like growing a friendship, growing in the wisdom and knowledge of God takes time. It is a journey. It is a commitment. Your first step is to open God's Word...there is only one Truth, and that Truth is the Word of God. When we open His Word, God promises to open our hearts and minds to what it says."

Knowing God by opening His Word and learning about Him. Growing in your relationship with Him. Knowing with certainty that He loves you. You growing in your love for the Author Himself.

Treasures of truth are laden all throughout scripture. Psalm 119 is said to be "A Devotional On The Word Of God". What a great place to start. If we are faithful to open His Word with a teachable heart, He is faithful to help us understand what is written. "Then He opened their minds so they could understand the scriptures" Luke 14:45

So on Tuesdays I will begin to share some treasures of truth that I am finding in scripture that have reached deep into my heart. If you'd like to join me and have a "Treasure Verse Tuesday" on your blog, please copy the "Treasure Verse Tuesday" button on my side bar. (Hugs and a big THANK YOU to Jill (Blessed Mom of 8) at Forever-n-Ever-n-Always" (click here) for designing the button for me!) I am excited to encourage one another with His treasures of truth.

"The law of the LORD is perfect,
reviving the soul."
Psalm 19:7


Mich said...

Thank you. I love the treasure verse idea.

I appreciate your sweet comments.

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Oh how wonderful the song that played as I read this post.

To know and follow heart after You!

May your TVT become a blessing and sweet savior to our LORD!

Hugs and much love,

Chatty Kelly said...

Last Summer my gals group studies Psalm 119 (a paragraph a week) for the whole summer. It was so awesome! Looking forward to seeing all those treasures you have stored up! Thank you for sharing the wealth of his word!

christy rose said...

Treasure Verse! I love that title!
Every verse of Scripture is a treasure! This is very uplifting!

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Sharon! I love Wendy's book with all of the rich scriptures too! God is so good! Love your idea of the Tuesday post! I plan on plugging your button on my sidebar as well.

Love you!

Wendy Pope said...

Hi Sharon friend. I was hopping around in the bloggy world and wanted to stop by and say I loved you. You are a treasure to me and our family at P31.
Have a good day sweet friend.

Heather said...

Yeah Treasure Verse Tuesday!!! Your sharing of the way in which the Lord ministers to your heart always blesses me! I know so mnay other hearts will be touched by your obedience to sharing His word.

Yeah for Jill for creating that adorable button!

God gives us gifts, thanks to two friends for using them so beautifully and to His glory!

Love you, girl!

Sarah Dawn said...

YAY! It works, I guess if I stay up too late, I can go reading around on blogs. Glad God blessed me with a stop over here today. His words truly are treasures to my heart.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn