Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Treasure Verse Tuesday - Hosea 2:14

“I will lead her into the desert
and speak tenderly to her."
Hosea 2:14

As I was doing my daily reading in my One-Year Chronological Bible (NIV) the other day, this verse widened my eyes and warmed my heart. I felt the Lord saying to my heart, "Sometimes I have to lead you to the still and lonely places so you can hear My gentle voice speaking to you." What a sweet, sweet treasure from my Savior's Word. Oh how tender and gentle is our Shepherd.

When I went to Blue Letter Bible, I was touched again by one of the definitions of "desert" (which is "wilderness" in KJV): PASTURE. The Good Shepherd leads me to the wide-open pasture and tenderly speaks to me. How amazing. Oh, what a precious treasure. I just lost my breath thinking about it again as I am writing this. I think of a pasture as a beautiful, quiet and special place of rest, nourishment and refreshment. He leads me there and speaks tenderly to me. He feeds me. He refreshes me. He washes me. Psalm 23 is a lovely picture of our Shepherd. We are blessed to be His lambs.

I pray this scripture is ministering to your heart as well. May He speak to you personally today as you meet Him in His Word.
"I cared for you in the desert..."Hosea 13:5

If you'd like to read Hosea 2 in context and find out what all of this meant for the nation of Israel, do some research yourself by clicking here:

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"He tends His flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in His arms
and carries them close to His heart;
He gently leads those that have young."
Isaiah 40:11


Heather said...

Good Morning sweet friend. Love treasure verse Tuesday :) He certainly does lead us to the pasture sometimes;) Seriously, it is such a gentle and visual reminder of how He carries us to the place where we can hear Him speak to our hearts. Thankful for you sharing this today.


Sarah Dawn said...

Isaiah 40:11 - my absolute favorite mommy verse. Thanks for splashing me today. I am gong to make sure to come each Tuesday and get drenched in His word with you. Thank you for blessing my day.

Besitos (little kisses in Spanish),
Sarah Dawn

Mich said...

Love this!

On a day,like the one I am having today, I needed that gentle reminder of the love of the Lord. Thanks friend!

christy rose said...

I have an award that I would like to give to you. Please stop by and pick it up.

Chatty Kelly said...

Baaaa-utiful post! (that was the lamb in me talking). :-)

I need a shepherd to lead me and I'm so glad to have Jesus.

Joyful said...

Sharon, I wrote on this same verse just this past Friday.

It almost makes me weep to read of God's purpose for the desert. He draws me away, by myself, to speak tenderly to me. How precious. The Lord desires to spend some one-on-one time without the distractions of daily living. The routine, schedules, busyness, family, friends are all blocking my view of Him, so He leads and escorts me to a place of nothingness so that I can refocus, listen and be loved upon. It's about relationship. Mine and His.

The word 'tenderly' is so beautiful. It means lovingly, being considerate and protective, characterized by gentle emotions. Can't you just feel God's arms around you as you rest in His embrace down this weary road?

Desert dwelling has a purpose and a plan. My sandals have walked this road. Sometimes by choice. Sometimes by necessity. When I'm parched by the drought, Lord shower me with your living water that brings cool refreshment. May I surrender to its walk and may Your Son always be the greatest blessing in this arid, lifeless land.

Beautiful verse Sharon.
Have a great day.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh this is speaking to me today....

I know that, for me.....God needs to bring me out in the wilderness, away from all the chaos and noise...so that I am able to "hear" him. Sometimes it does feel like a desert if he really needs to get my attention, yk?

Either way.....I am so thankful for a God who is always by my side.