Thursday, June 11, 2009

My "Mommy Report Card"

"So I reflected on all this..." Ecc. 9:1
Today is the last day of the 2008-2009 school year for our children! Dismissal is at Noon today, and we are so excited! I've made it a tradition to take the kids to lunch on the last day of school. This year, a friend invited us to join her and her two children for lunch. This is a special day, and we are excited about summer!
Today is also the day we receive our children's fourth quarter report cards for the school year. We excitedly open them in the car for a quick look-see until we get home for a complete review. Their report cards detail for us what our children have accomplished throughout the school year, including such areas as academics, conduct and Christian character. We always sit with the children and go over their reports so we can praise them in successful areas and guide them in areas needing improvement.
A few weeks ago, Joshua and I were sitting at the kitchen table together while he was having a bowl of ice cream. In our conversation, something came up about "mothers" and I lightheartedly asked Joshua how he thought I was doing as a mommy. The conversation went something like this.
Mommy: How do you think I am doing as a mommy, Joshua?
Joshua: You're pretty good, Mom. You are a 9 out of 10, Mommy. [I thought this was a VERY gracious and generous rating by my son!]
Mommy: Wow, Joshua, thanks. That's really nice! Tell me about the 1 point. I am a 9 out of 10, so please tell me where I can improve.
Joshua: Well, Mommy, sometimes you yell at us when you don't have to. That is why you are a 9 and not a 10.
Mommy: [Ouch, ouch, he's right!] Joshua you are absolutely right. Sometimes Mommy does yell when I don't have to. Sometimes when I am frustrated or frightened, I yell. [different than "raising my voice" in an authoritative mommy tone] You are absolutely right, and I am going to ask God to help me with that. Thank you for telling me the truth and for keeping me accountable.
Joshua: Here, Mommy, I am going to write you a whole report card.
Oh my! I did ask how I was doing as a mom, didn't I? Here is exactly what Joshua wrote. Remember, he was extremely gracious and kind to me! I am keeping this forever...and working to get my "yelling" grade (or lack-of-yelling) to an A+!
"About Mom - Her Report Card"
By: Joshua
Conduct: A+
P.E.: A+
(I never got an A+ in gym class! This is my first time. Pass the tissues!)
Art: A+
Good Meals: A+
Funny: A+
Loving: A+
Transportation: A+
Teaching God's Word: A+
Yelling: B+
1. You are special.
2. You are the best.
3. You are thoughtful.
4. You are caring.
5. You are generous.
God has given us the two precious gifts of our children. And even though the truth hurts at times, I am SO thankful He uses them as accountability and sanctification tools me in my life! I am SO thankful that our children know they can talk with us, even when they have to speak the truth in love and say "Mommy, sometimes you yell at us." Yes indeed, an area needing improvement! I want to yield my heart to the Lord so He can help me bring this grade up! Only by His grace!
"The quiet words of the wise..."
Ecclesiastes 9:17


christy rose said...

Oh my goodness, this is so precious! I do not know that I would be so brave as to ask my kids what my grades as a mommy would be. I know the yelling one would definitely not be an A either. Oh Lord help me too! :)

Joyful said...

Oh Sharon, this is one of the most darling things I've ever read. How sweet.

You ARE a wonderful Mom. It's so clear as I visit and read here. So many of the things you do with your "cherubs", I wish I had done with my son when he was younger. It's so obvious that Christ is the center of your home.

Just for the record...God sees you as a 10. Amazing...isn't it!