Friday, June 26, 2009

I Want The Cow Bell!

It's Friday! I am feeling silly, so I just had to share this with you:

I WANT THE COW BELL! Every neighborhood has "one of those moms". You know, the mom who blows the whistle or horn or RINGS THE COW BELL when it is time for the children to come in! I never thought that mom would be ME! But it is! I have become "one of those moms"!

Now, I do NOT have a cow bell....yet. I am resisting the urge, but my heart so wants the cow bell.

We live in small neighborhood at the crest of a cul-de-sac. Our children play in our yard, the yards of a few of our neighbors or in the big field behind our home. Or they ride bikes and the such in the cul-de-sac. Our rule is that our eyeballs always have to be able to see them and/or I have to be able to hear their voices. Usually, this happens. However, occasionally if they are in a neighbor's backyard....I WANT THE COW BELL to get their attention. I don't want to holler their names (how unseemly) and I don't want to leave the steaming broccoli unattended on the stove to walk over to the other back yard, so I have found that I WANT THE COW BELL.

I'm not, I'm not, don't worry. I'm not going to do it. At least I don't think I am. I really don't want to be "one of those moms". Perhaps a sweet, gentle wind chime would work...but they are not loud enough. I could sing, but that would embarrass the kids. I need something more bold, like a cow bell....but not a cow bell.

Hmmm....a great idea just came to me! Maybe I'll blast out the song "Hoe Down Throw Down" by Miley Cyrus when I want the children to come in for dinner! That's it! I think that's what I'll do! Not only will the children come-a-runnin' for dinner...the entire neighborhood will learn the Hoe Down Throw Down dance! I can see it now...our cul-de-sac filled with families doing the Hoe Down Throw Down! What fun!

I've been inspired here. I'll let you know how it goes! Cow gone! We're doing the Hoe Down Throw Down at dinner time! (Turn up your volume to sing and dance along here!)


Melanie said...

Fun, cute song! First time I've heard it.
I have boys and my daughter is 19 so they don't watch that show.
The new dinner bell is the cell phone at our house...hee hee.

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Cell phone, great idea Melanie...for when the cherubs are older! :)

Our cherubs don't want the show actually, but we do like this fun song!

Mich said...

Had me smiling...

My kids are old enough that I just tell them what time to be home by and that there will be trouble if they aren't.

Chatty Kelly said...

You are cracking me up. When I heard the "Boom, boom, clap" I was like "This is a Sharon's usual song!" LOL!

The song isn't from the show, but from the movie...AND it plays on Radio Disney all the time, which is my kids favorite station. We haven't seen the movie yet, but probably will when it comes to DVD. It got great reviews.

We have a big "dinner bell" on our back deck,but I've never had to ring it. My kids are usually underfoot.

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

He he he!

I'm still voting for the cow bell!

You are too cute!

Have a blessed day and be sure to let us know how the song works. I'm not sure I could listen to that song daily.

Love and blessings!

Wendy Blight said...

Your post today brought a big grin to my face. My son is at the age where he can ride his bike to the pool or to a friend's house, so cow bells will no longer work. How I miss when my kids were safely nestled in my yard or the neighbor's.

I never thought I would say this, but I am so thankful now for cell phones because it is how I stay connected with my kids!!

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today!

Runner Mom said...

Y'all have fun!! But I actually know where to buy a cowbell if you REALLY want one and change your mind!! They're cheap! We use them at cross country meets!!!

Love ya,

Joyful said...

Sharon, this has reminded me of what my Mom used to do to get my sister and I home for dinner on time. She would send us out with an alarm clock...seriously!!! It was set to the time she wanted us to come home for supper. When the alarm went off...we had to come home! I think...if I remember correctly...we would sometimes change the time, just to gift us a few extra minutes.

I think singing sounds like a much more fun idea!!!