Friday, March 13, 2009

Pentagon-Level Planning

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"...bring all these beautiful girls...
and let beauty treatments be given to them."
Esther 2:3

Beauty treatments. They are biblical, right?? A little hair color now and again to perk up the personality of my hair and to cover up the gray is all I'm askin'. To me, that qualifies as a beauty treatment.

I was chatting with a sweet sister in the Lord yesterday who just recently gave birth to her fourth child. My friend is adorable, athletic, in good physical shape and she loves Jesus. She is just a sweetheart.

While chatting with her, I noticed her hair color looking so fresh and fabulous. She said one of our other friends, who is a hair stylist, recently colored it for her. I said, "Wow, good for you! It takes Pentagon-Level Planning for the mom of a little one to take a shower, much less get her hair done!" As a woman and mom, I was so happy for my friend that she could enjoy the simple pleasure of having her hair done. A "beauty treatment" for a woman not only perks up the quaff, but also encourages the soul!

Oh, this little luxury of my mom-of-four-children-with-one-of-those-being-just-a-few-months-old friend getting her hair done reminded me of when our cherubs were so young. It seemed like the smallest of tasks required Pentagon-Level Planning. Showering. Grocery shopping. Going to the Post Office. Cleaning the house. Every detail had to be in place for any of these tasks to be accomplished.

While our children are still young (almost 7 and a solid 8), they are old enough now that we have a little more flexibility, though at times the Pentagon-Level Planning is still required.

These few moments catching up with my friend yesterday has moved my heart to prayer for moms who are in the Pentagon-Level Planning phase of life with little ones. While it is a precious and treasured time of motherhood, it can also be so challenging. The blessing and sweet priority of caring for those cherubs, and the sheer delight of a daily shower...what a crazy blend! Oh, I remember the days when my daily shower was a wonderful luxury that refreshed my heart. I treasure the days when the cherubs were babies and toddlers, and yet I am thankful my daily shower no longer requires such high-level planning.
Lord, help me be mindful of friends still in this phase of motherhood. Move my heart into action so I can be a vessel of Your love and help to them. Show them Your faithfulness moment by moment. Though their worlds may be necessarily very small right now, may they cherish this precious season of motherhood. May moms know deep in their hearts that taking care of the children with which You have entrusted to them is the most significant, important and meaningful ministry. May all of us serve our families As Unto You.

In whatever phase of motherhood you are, make it your priority to be in His Word daily, even if having your quiet devotion time takes some major Pentagon-Level Planning. Soaking up His truth is the best refreshment of all! In my whole life, there has been nothing like motherhood to keep me on my knees in prayer to Him and absorbed in His Word. Total dependence on Him. I've still got quite a long ways to go...and I am hanging on to Him!
Thanks for stopping by! Now, I've gotta run and go get that beauty treatment! It is biblical after all!
"...refresh my heart in Christ."
Philemon 1:20


Ashley said...

congrats on the 100th blog post!

Stacey said...

Good word; thank you!

Anonymous said...


Wow...what a great post. SOOOO true. My children are 4 and 5 and I still feel like pentagon planning for a lot of things. Thanks for the encouragement.

Hellen said...

Your blog brought me to tears with the background music and the trip down memory lane of what life was like with an infant and then infant and toddler. Mine are now 9and 12, so try to lend a hand when I can to those in that stage of life.
Thank you for your blog!

Chatty Kelly said...

Remember how wonderful it was to just have sleep, when you're up every 3 hrs all night. I don't miss that. You are right on about the planning involved with little ones. During that phase I couldn't read ANYTHING, my eyes were just too tired to read the print. I found Christian radio & CDs to be what I needed. I could still intake God's word, even when I was too tired to read THE book. :-)

Stephanie said...

I just wanted to say that I love the music! God bless and I hope the "Beauty Treatment" turned out good!