Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him

"Sing praises to God, sing praises;
sing praises to our King, sing praises."
Psalm 47:6

Last night was our children's school's annual Christmas concert. We are so thankful they attend a Christian school where they pray to God, sing praises to God and rejoice in celebrating the birth of our Savior. As all of the classes took their turn on stage, His name was lifted up and glorified. To see all the children's faces and hear their sweet voices was such a delight.
Oh, come let us adore Him.

We are not posting any of the pictures of the children on stage during the concert because I'd want to ask each parent for permission first (that could take a while!). So, we are sharing some pix of our cherubs and our family members who came to see them. (Joshua and Gabrielle were particularly excited to have a couple of their cousins there!) Thank you each for coming! (Uncle Paul in Texas: We are praying for your recovery from shoulder surgery every day! We love you!)

All of the children were adorned in their "Sunday best".
Here are Josh & Brie...they wanted to come down the stairs
holding hands. (Had to capture those moments!)
Here they are in their Christmas finery.

The stage looked beautiful. (You need to tilt your head to look at this picture. For some reason, Brie was leaning on Josh.)

Our little family.

Thanks for stopping by! We'll be baking Christmas cookies today. What will you be doing?


Gayla said...

Beautiful pictures Sharon! I love the one of them coming down the stairs holding hands! I'm afraid my two would have tried to break each other's hands! :) This evening I hope to get some Christmas cookies made. Today is also my duaghter's Christmas program at church. She has a performance this afternoon, a choir party following, and a performance tomorrow. That is why I say I HOPE the cookies get made this evening! Have a super day!

Chatty Kelly said...

Cute, cute!!! Loved the pics, and my dear children go to a Christian school too, which I am so thankful for!!! The entire class was praying for my husband when he had rotator cuff surgery 4 weeks back.

Today I will be trying to address my Christmas cards. I really must get them out, but it is such a big job!

Jill said...

Oh sweet, precious pictures! Oh they are going to cherish this picture later in life!

I'm sure the program at school was such a blessing for all who attended and you were both so proud of the cherubs!

Today I took the girls to a Christmas Recital of one of the teens that attend our bible study. It was really sweet!

This coming Friday the teen girls are all coming over - baking cookies for our entire neighborhood and handing our Father's Love Letter while we carol. I can't wait!

Love you all - hugs to everyone!

Joyful said...

Adorable pictures!

What did I do Saturday? Spent most of my day writing a Christmas devotional to be included in my Christmas cards, that MUST be mailed this week. Wrote some Christmas cards too. Then, had an early supper as we attended the Christmas presentation at our church. It was a wonderful day.

Adoring Him,

KelliGirl said...

What beautiful pictures. I'm sure the concert was wonderful. Everytime I watch my children sing on stage my heart overflows with love and pride. We have one more concert to son's band concert tomorrow night.

Blessings to you!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

such a wonderful memory - they looked beautiful and I am sure they did a wonderful job! :)