Thursday, December 11, 2008

"I Like Being With Me, Too. I'm With Myself All The Time"

"You are the God who sees me."
Genesis 16:3
“You found his heart faithful to You.”
Nehemiah 9:8

Here is a picture of Joshua in September 2008
when he redecorated the family room in
Philadelphia Eagles decor for a Sunday afternoon game.

One night as I was putting Joshua to bed, after I sang and prayed with him, I said to him, "I love you, Joshua. I like being with you." His quick reply was sweet, insightful, innocent and humorous. He said, "Yea, I like being with me, too. I'm with myself all the time." I smiled (trying not to giggle until I left his room) and kissed his head.

While I thought he was going to give me the expected reply of: "I love you, too, Mom. And I like being with you, too.", I loved his reply. It's become a prayer of mine for Joshua. That he would always be thankful for the person God is making him to be. That he treasures in his heart all the sweet moments just between himself and His Savior. That his heart is postured in humility before the Lord, asking Him to seek his heart and to change any offensive ways. (Psalm 139) That he knows God's eyes are always on him, and he is never alone. That he is willing to stand alone with and for Christ. That he will always walk humbly and boldly as a son of God, saved by His grace, clothed in righteousness by His blood and made pure by His sacrificial love. That he would be a young boy, growing intimately in the perfect love, grace and knowledge of God, who becomes a young man who loves the Truth and an adult man sold out and surrendered to the Lord. That God will place those special relationships in his life with family and friends, and one day a wife, who love God with their whole hearts. That they would point each other to Jesus.

May Joshua always know "The God Who Sees Me" (Genesis 16:3). May God find Joshua's heart faithful to Him. (Nehemiah 9:8)

Joshua's words from that bed-time moment reverberate in my heart every single day. "I like being with me, too. I'm with myself all the time." I pray we all are comfortable being with ourselves and our Savior. In times of pruning and refining. In times of heartache. In times of blessing and abundance. In times of rejoicing. God's eyes are always on us. He is always with us.

Our precious continual moments with Jesus. Yes, I like being with me, too, steadfastly accompanied by my faithful and sweet Savior whose love is unconditional.


Chatty Kelly said...

Self-image is something many woman/girls suffer from, I like your prayer here that we may all "like being with me." Joshua is too cute. :-D

Lisa said...

Sharon, thank you. My own self-image has taken a major beating lately, and this is just what I needed to hear. I pray that my own children will never have the same self-consciousness that I've carried around for a lifetime. I guess it's about time I started seeing myself as Jesus sees me!


Joyful said...

How very sweet, and what a wonderful truth. We are often so quick to find fault with ourselves, yet we are fearfully and wonderfully made and God loves us unconditionally.

We need to say with confidence, to know me is to love me. God knows all about us and loves us still. May He teach us how to accept and love who He created us to be.


Sandy said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and for referring me to your friend's blog. I checked it out and you were right...I love it.

Sandy Cooper

Gayla said...

Sharon - Thank you so much! I love that reply as well as I love the fact that you told him that you like being with him. I have always tried to build that positive self-image in my children but it isn't always easy, as they experience "life". I recently went through a time that I didn't like being with me and this post really spoke to me. Thank you so much for blessing me today!