Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Worst Part About This Surgery...


...I am required to take off all jewelry and my nail polish!!! Take off my nail polish! Oh sure, they say the medical professionals have to be able to see my nail beds to be sure my blood's oxygen levels are OK. Yes, I suppose that's important, but really...naked nails!?!?
Rest assured...I'll be doing my nails in the recovery room! :) Forget the graham crackers and ginger ale, bring me my Nailtiques Nail Protein and my OPI Pompeii Purple!

Jim will be keeping my engagement ring and wedding ring in his pocket during surgery...and he'll be asking me to marry him again all over the in the recovery room, too. I still say "I do". (Look at my ring finger...the skin is embedded with marks from my holy covenant "symbols of love". I like that.) And no, that's not an age spot (ah-hem) to go along with my other 44-year old accessories!

My ARTHROSCOPIC KNEE SURGERY is scheduled for this morning. I cherish the prayers! In the scheme of life and health concerns, this is minor. Still, being covered in prayer brings His comfort to this wife and mommy's heart.

So thankful to the Lord for our family and friends coming alongside in prayer and in helping shepherd and herd our two precious lambs today and this week! Our love for you runs deep.

UPDATED 10/29/08:

Arriving at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia yesterday at 5:45 AM! Dr. Bartolozzi and his staff of professionals are great!

Recovery Room: As expected, they gave me graham crackers and ginger ale! I had my Nailtiques and OPI Pompeii Purple in hand, but, quite honestly, I was feeling lousy! Let's just say on the way out of the hospital in the afternoon, I "tossed some cookies" (graham crackers actually) with many doctors, medical staff and patients looking on. Lovely.

My sweet friend, Cheryl, who come to my home last evening (after taking wonderful care of our cherubs after school and having them for dinner) gave me a gift certificate to my favorite nail salon for a manicure! How sweet! I feel all the love from our families, my church family, my girlfriends, Bible study gals and my P31 sisters...and am so deeply thankful. The Lord knows my heart, which overflows with thankfulness.

Snow in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on 10/28/08! Wow! This is what we came home to (it was raining in Philadelphia). Beautiful snow! October Snow!

I am thankful for this surgery for many reasons...the biggest one is that it gives me more understanding and compassion for people who have surgery, even "minor" surgery like mine.

This is also reminding me to be a gracious receiver. I really wanted and requested "no fuss" over this (other than the sweet covering of prayer) as it is minor is the scheme of health concerns. But the Lord is hushing my heart with His love and reminding me to be a gracious receiver. Truly thankful for all the love!

Now, I gotta go ice this knee and do my exercises....

"Therefore, God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." Philippians 2:9-11


Lisa said...

Sharon, praying mightily for you this morning. And looking at my own brittle nails and wishing I had a nail kit nearby!

Much love, healing, blessings, and prayers for you ~


Runner Mom said...

Hey, Sharon!
I'll be lifting up you and your sweet family as soon as I type this comment!! I know that everything wiil go smoothly. God will be holding your poor little hands that no longer glow with OPI Pompeii Purple! I love how Jim will ask you all ove to marry him...just precious!!

Will check in on you later, girlfriend!!


Chatty Kelly said...

Thinking of you and lifting a prayer this very moment -

Lord, please be with Sharon & Jim this morning. Give them a peace. Be with the drs hands as they work. Be with Sharon as she recovers and give her patience as she deals with the limitation following the surgery. And bless them Lord, as only you can.

In Jesus name - Amen.

Pinkshoelady said...

Dear Father,
I pray You will guide the hands and use Your expertise to repair Sharon's knee. I pray that all will go well. I pray You will send Your people to sit with and comfort the family. I pray that there will be rejoicing and complete healing of the kneee. I pray that thr recovery will not be bad and that Sharon will be up and about soon. Let her know we are praying.

In Jesus Name Amen
I love you my friend I'm praying!

Anonymous said...


Praying for God to guide your Drs hands during your surgery so that your discomfort will be gone. And to give you peace.

I love that your husband will ask you to marry him all over again. You have beautiful unpainted nails!!


Heather said...

Noooo, not the nails! Girl, your nails always look gorgeous - you can get them back to Pompeii Purple in no time!

Saw Aunt Anne and the cherubs this morning (they did not see me) but all looked happy:)

I have a little something for you but with the weather being what it is, SNOW!!! I did not get up to you today - I will get it there:)

I have prayed for you all day. Thanks for a fun post about your surgery - your humor is so beautiful.

Rest well, my sweet friend.

Jill said...

Praying for a fast recovery!

Enjoy getting those nails back in hand shaking readiness!

I love that your finger shows the permanency of your marriage vows!

Hugs and love,

Edie said...

I'm sorry I didn't make by in time to pray before the surgery but I'm praying for complete and quick recovery without complications.

Your nails look very nice even without the polish and the embed is a beautiful symbol of love.

You had time to blog before your surgery? lol.

Amy Carroll said...

I'm praying for you to get this surgery over soon and back into the nail salon! I'm laughing, because I'm a low-maintenance, short nails girl. I've got a little nail envy now, though!


KelliGirl said...

I'm praying that you're resting comfortably right now and that God brings you comfort and healing.

BTW, I think your fingers look lovely just as they are! :-)

Anonymous said...


Wasn't the snow beautiful here in PA???? If it wasn't so darn cold--funny how they go together, huh?

Hope your recovery is going well and you have time to get those nails painted!


Wendy Pope said...

I think you should only be required to remove polish from one nail and couldn't Jim have polished those nails in recovery. (No offense Jim-just kidding.

Love you Sharon and we are so pleased to hear the Lord answered our prayers.

Runner Mom said...

Bless your sweet little heart! I kept you in my prayers yesterday and will continue to do so today. You look great!!!! And y'all had snow!! We just got a cold wind--yuck!!

Hope you can eat today!! Sorry about the graham crackers!!
Love ya,

Cindy said...

So thankful that your surgery went well AND that your Phillies won ~ I guess!

Prayers for your continued recovery and a new manicure!