Friday, October 31, 2008

My Man

"Her husband is respected at the city gate..."
Proverbs 31:23

22 days ago, Jim and I celebrated the anniversary of our engagement, which happened on October 19, 1991. On that evening in 1991, Jim hosted a surprise engagement party for me, and he proposed to me in the presence of our families and friends. (He must have known I would say "yes"!) We were married May 23, 1992.

Over the last 16 years, our love has grown, been tested, stretched, challenged, enriched and has blossomed even more. Jim is a man who loves the Truth, and he keeps me accountable as a Christian woman, for which I am so thankful. He listens with care and sincerity. He challenges me on heart issues. He'll even ask me when necessary "what is your motivation?" Great question. He keeps my feet to the fire.

In the quietness and depths of my soul, I want to be that wife spoken about in Proverbs 31:11 "Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value." I desire to live an authentic life in our home to honor God first and then also, my husband.

Jim is not perfect. I am far from perfect. Of course our marriage is imperfect. Our pastor always says, "Marriage has three people in it, and only One of them is perfect." "A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecc. 4:2 The Perfect Third Strand has been our foundation. Jesus has been our Go-To Guy. He is our Center, our Redeemer. Even in moments of rebellion, He always brings us back to Himself. And I always am mindful that Jim was and is my brother in Christ first.

This week, I have been so blessed by Jim over and over. With my surgery on Tuesday, Jim planned to work from home the rest of the week. He planned that on his own. At first, I thought I'd be up and about right away (you hear those wonderful stories). But today was the first day I was able to do some "normal" activities. Jim would tell you I am pretty "low-maintenance" in general. However, these past several days, Jim made himself available to help me personally as I had post-surgical "high-maintenance syndrome". And he took over some of my usual parental delights, such as driving the kids to and from school (since I couldn't drive for a few days). If I needed help getting up, or needed fresh ice for my knee, or just wanted a glass of iced green tea, Jim was there. He lovingly tended to my post-surgery pain and "issues". Occasionally, I had to flag him down while he was on a conference call for work, but he just muted his Blackberry and came to my rescue.

I love my husband and I honor him. I have genuine respect for him. Yes, I am sure our imperfect selves in our imperfect marriage will have more struggles and growth in the future. But we are anchored in the God who loves perfectly. And the love Jim has continually shown me over the years, and his "loving me in action and in truth" always and so much this week are such blessings of life for me. Jim, I love you and I honor you. Thank you for keeping true to Him and to our wedding song "I Will Be Here" by Steven Curtis Chapman. I will be here, too, always.

When people ask me "What does Jim do for a living?", I can give a pretty intelligible answer. Recently, the company he works for interviewed him for an Employee Profile. Here is a really great answer. Click Here: "My Man" at work..."A Minute With Jim Sloan".

If you are married, tell us something you love about your hubby. If you are not married, tell us something we can pray for if you are praying for a husband.

"Marriage should be honored by all..."

Hebrews 13:4


Lisa said...

Oh, Sharon. What a testimony to your devotion to Jim, to your marriage, and to Christ!

I, too, am blessed to be with a man who keeps me accountable. He truly picks up where I leave off, and consistently goes above and beyond for Christ, me, our kids, and everyone who depends on him.

Recently, I was sick with a sinus infection that persisted for more than two weeks. One morning, probably when I was feeling my absolute worst, he told me to go back to sleep, that he had taken the day off, and that I was under strict orders not to do anything but rest. He got our daughter ready for school, took our son to storytime and played with him outside, made dinner, took care of me, cleaned up the house, and got the kids ready for bed. This was not an isolated incident, I am very blessed to say. There have been many, many times when I simply wasn't functioning at capacity that my man jumped in without a thought and took over.

My husband grows daily in his faith. He is completely committed to knowing Christ better. When I'm having a down day, he emails me a Scripture verse from work. He is a strong Christian father to our children. I don't know what I did to deserve my guy, but he is one of the most blatant proofs of God's tremendous grace in my life.

I love what you said about Jim being your brother in Christ before your husband. That rings so true in my ears! I am blessed to know that the perfect third strand in our cord is One we both willingly wrap ourselves around.

Sorry to get so long-winded... thank you for reminding me just how precious marriage is, and what a gift it is!


Chatty Kelly said...

I loved your tribute to your husband. What an honor. I also love how your music matchs what you are blogging about. Often (usually) I hate music on blogs, but always enjoy yours.

Finally I appreciate how you mentioned struggles and imperfection in your marriage. I think when Christian women make their husband out to be perfect, it breds discontent in other marriages. I appreciate when women say "we have struggles, but our love is bound by God." It refreshes my soul...because WE have struggles...but our love is bound my God.

I loved your post. I am so glad I have found your blog, because you refresh my soul regularly! blessings to you Sharon.

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary Jim and Sharon!

What a beautiful tribute to your marriage, Jim and your love bound by God.

I sometimes marvel at the work God has done in our marriage since coming to His feet 3 yrs ago. I often sit and thank Him for not giving up on me while I struggled to lay it down and humble myself before Him so the true work could begin!

I'm blessed beyond measure to have my husband too and to know God had everything to do with that blessing is simply awesome!

I can never thank God enough for what He has done in my heart, our home and marriage. It sometimes seems unbelievable all that has happened in our lives in just 3 yrs of knowing Him and loving Him!

Love you - big hugs!

Edie said...

What a beautiful way to honor your husband Sharon. You are both truely blessed.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Your husband ROCKS!! Congratulations on a wonderful milestone.

Mommahen said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Ann-ivers-ary HAAAAAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

How blessed are we to have men who first of all love the Lord and second of all love us?! My sister is a single mom and she tells me on a regular basis that I don't realize how lucky I am. She's wrong though. I DO see how blessed I am. I have friends who have been devastated by a man who has hurt them, I have a sister who struggles to believe that she deserves better than the part time father she has to her children. I have a family history of women choosing men who oppressed them. The fact that God brought my hubby into my life is nothing short of a miracle. And I am grateful for it everyday!

I rejoice that you too have a once in a lifetime love. I pray God would grant you many more blessed years!

Oh and one more thing you can put on your list...he keeps his promise to mail your parcels. Got 'em today!

In His love and mine,