Friday, October 3, 2008

Harvest Crusade & Autumnal Things

"Ask the Lord of the harvest..."
Matthew 9:38

The Harvest Crusade is here this weekend in Philadelphia! Looking to the Lord of the Harvest for all He has in store! We hope to see you there!

It's seems fitting that the Crusade is here in autumn! Autumn is a wonderful season. I love autumnal colors, autumnal decorations and autumnal clothes! I just love the word "autumnal".

The slight chill in the air is refreshing. Trees become a palette of crimson and gold...that is so comforting to me somehow. Perhaps because those colors speak of Him. My heart is warmed.

Enjoy this autumnal weekend. May the Lord of the harvest bless you!


Jill said...


Oh I so love this weather and all the glory of His creation!

Hope to see you tonight!


KelliGirl said...

Have a wonderfully, blessed time this weekend. I pray that the Spirit fills the Wachovia Center to overflowing!!

Congratulations on your P31 devotion yesterday. It was a beautiful story and wonderful example. Keep writing!


Heather said...

You do love the word autumnal!! It is a beautiful season and we know that the crusade is saving lives, now we just need to continue in prayer for those hearts softened to His spirit this weekend!

I often pray for those who come to the Lord and then fall away after a time because their hearts have not been prayed for or their lives have not been mentored.

Hoping it was a blessed weekend for your lovely family.