Saturday, September 27, 2008

Surrounded By The Renowned

"Yes, Lord, walking in the way of Your laws,
we wait for You;
Your name and renown
are the desire of our hearts."
Isaiah 26:8
Jim lovingly accompanied me to a well-known hospital in Philadelphia yesterday for my long-awaited appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. This doc was highly recommended to me by my pastor's family. My pastor's son and dear brother in Christ, Mike, who is now also my "boss" (I am his administrative assistant) had surgery on his knee a few years back. Mike enthusiastically told me "this doctor is the best...he was the orthopedic specialist for the Philadelphia Eagles." This renowned doctor does have amazing experience and coast-to-coast expertise indeed, from being the orthopedic specialist at UCLA to the Philadelphia Eagles. I was thankful for the recommendation and care of my pastor's family.
As Jim and I sat waiting in the examination room, we were surrounded by framed and autographed pictures to the doc from renowned athletes whom he had treated. It was fun and interesting to go around the room and look at all the famous lives this doctor has touched with his medical magnificence. Professional football players and boxers, Olympic skaters, collegiate soccer and lacrosse players, rowers, high school athletes and budding young tennis stars.
Sitting back down on the examination table after pouring over the walls like a museum, I humorously said to Jim, "Well, I feel a little out of place here." We laughed. An athlete, I am not. While thankful for the Lord's provision that I would be in such good medical care with this doctor, I was amused that very ordinary, non-athletic, non-competitive, content-with-all-of-that me was waiting to be seen by this doctor who has treated and performed surgery on award-winning knees.
The doctor introduced himself in a warm way. He was refreshingly down to earth, and we were very comfortable with him. I joked with him and told him I think I had been misplaced there surrounded by all the well-known athletes. Unless he considered youth cheer leading a sport, I had never been an athlete. (Keep in mind I was a cheerleader back in the day when cheerleaders were not trained athletes like today.) I hadn't injured my knee by making some game-winning play. My knees are used for ordinary purposes, like serving my family, being room mom at school, and working part-time at church. They aren't winning any trophies.
As he looked over my x-ray and MRI results, he asked me some questions. After chatting with him and enduring an examination, he gave us the somewhat unexpected news that my knee would indeed require a "scope surgery". While not wanting to spend my time this way over the next several weeks, I am thankful that we'll be able to have more encounters with the doctor and his wonderful profession staff. From the security guard at the front the the his assistants... they all were pleasant and helpful professionals.
I told the doc I am going to send them an autographed and framed 8X10 glossy picture of ordinary me for their walls. He laughed heartily and thought that was a great idea. Not renown, not famous. Just regular ol' me with a regular ol' knee.
My heart is quietly still in contentment knowing that me and my knees were created by Him and for His glory. For His RENOWN. He makes Himself known through a surrendered and willing life. Through ordinary knees.
My knees are for simple, but precious, purposes. Serving Him by serving my family and those other treasured responsibilities He gives me. My knees will probably never be seen on large-screen televisions around the world like those renown athletes. However, by His grace, my knees will daily be kneeling in prayer to Him...the Famous One! For His renown. He surrounds me. My faithful and completely sufficient audience of One.
"Lord, I have heard of Your fame;
I stand in awe of Your deeds, O Lord.
Renew them in our day, in our time make then known..."
Habakkuk 3:2
"...the Lord God Almighty, the Lord is His name of renown." Hosea 12:5


Runner Mom said...

Hey, Sharon! Glad that your appointment went well! He sounds like a really neat guy! I truly think that you should send him a picture of you!! Just add your blog address, and think of the folks you will be able to bless through this blog!! You never know how God can use these opportunities!

My quiet time is just wonderful! Thanks again for your suggestions and your prayers, sweet friend.

THe next time I hit my knees to pray, I'll be thinking about you!!

Love ya,

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Sorry to hear you need surgery!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...


Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! I have enjoyed looking around yours, laughing with you, and being challenged and encouraged by what I'm finding here!

That whole "nose hair" blog may have hit a little too close to home... :)Uhmmm, do you have a, uhmmm, particular clipper that you recommend? Just wondering, of know, in case I have a friend who might need one...

I'll be back!

Jill said...


Lifting you up in prayer! Thanking God for directing to the right surgeon.

You are more than regular or ordinary! You are the DAUGHTER of the MOST HIGH GOD!


Chatty Kelly said...

You know - I can think of no better use for your knees than being down on the ground playing with children, down on your knees praying to God, down on your knees gardening.... You are special in the sight of God!!

I hope everything goes well!

Fields of gold said...

Sharon, I love this blog entry! The verses are two of my favorites and very much the cry of my heart in this season. Thanks for sharing such great truths with a splash of fun! (I think your photo would fit right in in the doc's office :) ). You'll be in my prayers!

Big hugs,
Samantha at Proverbs31