Friday, August 22, 2008

La La La....I Can't Hear You!

"Get your supplies ready." Joshua 1:11

I'm in denial. Including today, we only have 12 days of summer break until the first day of school. While there is excitement and anticipation surrounding a new school year, new teachers, reuniting with friends and experiencing new learning adventures, I am not quite ready for summer break to be over.

Yes, we have our school supplies ready. Backpacks are full with new notebooks and pencils. Lunch boxes are postured to be packed. Summer work packets are (almost) complete.

But I want more pajama days, more days of splashing in the water, more leisurely time with family and friends, more slow-paced days, more SUMMER!

We've enjoyed a blessed summer. This has been one my favorite summers ever. We've served the Lord in small, but hopefully meaningful, ways. We've enjoyed the simple pleasure of a Lemonade Stand. We've had so much fun together. We've enjoyed and nourished the precious relationships in our lives. We've gathered together here with Princesses and Squires. We've enjoyed vacations together. We've been challenged to grow. We've matured. We've spread our wings a bit out of comfort zone and have followed Him. We've trusted. We've been given the gift of beautiful memories.

May these last few days of summer linger long and leisurely. May the afterglow warm our hearts well into the autumn.

"I will go before you..." Isaiah 45:2

He is good and goes before us into each new season of life.

Here are a few more pictures of glorious summer time!

Wade and Joshua....good buddies!
Gabrielle and her dear friend, Amanda (Wade's sister)

Gabrielle and Joshua with Isaiah and Isabella when they visited us at the shore

My dear friend, Cathi (Isaiah and Isabella's mommy) and Me

Joshua and Gabrielle with Nan Nan Hansen

Buried in the beaches of Ocean City, NJ

The Stokes Family joined us for a day on the beach! Presenting the Stokes Ladies!

Joshua and his beach buddy, Jesse Stokes.

Pop Pop and Nana Sloan building sand castles with our cherubs

My summer beach book: "Behind Those Eyes" by Lisa Whittle (Jim caught this very flattering picture of me.....ugh!) Click here: Behind The Eyes - Lisa Whittle

Breakfast served up by Mommy at the beach! Eggs over easy!

Aunt Anne and Ice better combination!
Camp fire with Daddy at Camp of The Woods

God's beautiful sunset over Lake Pleasant at Camp of The Woods. This pretty much sums it up!


Glynnis Whitwer said...

What an amazing summer you have had. Your children will have beautiful memories of a mother and father who took the time for them. I love the photos of the lemonade stand!!

Pinkshoelady said...

Oh my! You are a blessed woman!
Can I come next summer?
Praying for you.
Pamela R.

Heather said...

Great summer - what sweet memories:)

Love the pics of the kids - so special to have relationships like Brie & Amanda's and Josh & Wade's. Some great lookin' kids there - with some pretty amazing hearts.

Ah, stay in denial - we all might;)

How is that knee, friend? Hope the playdate went well and that you are resting and just enjoying for a change - allow your servant's heart to be still while you heal and then get back to the grind!

Have a great weekend.

Jill said...


Oh, I'm right there with you. I love summertime!

I didn't know you were having trouble with your knee! Are you oK? Is there anything I can send your way to help?

Praying you are taking it easy and relaxing as you enjoy the final days of summer break!

Lots of love,

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh, I am finding everything possible to squeeze out a bit more of summer. If I had your summer, I would do more than just squeeze. :)