Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gracious Greetings to Micca's Visitors!

We are just arriving home from a wonderful week at the beach -- Ocean City, New Jersey. Jim and I are in "re-entry" mode while the kids reunite and play with their neighborhood friends. We'll be posting soon about our vacation. :)

A warm and gracious greeting to all of you visiting from Micca Campbell's blog post of August 13th. I know many of you have come and gone already, and we apologize we were away vacationing during your visit here. We welcome you with sincerity and with humility that you would take a few minutes to stop by! If you're not the shy type, please feel free to leave a comment as we would love to stop by and visit you, too.
Micca, thank you for your sweet and sincere comments on your blog and for sending your lovely bloggy friends over to see us! You are a sweetie!

(OK, last time I had no excuse in being late with greeting visitors from Rachel Olsen's blog post! This time, for Micca's visitors, we were on vacation...and we sent our computers on a cyber vacation, too!)

We pray you are blessed and refreshed as a you take a few moments to look around.

Laundry, mail, unpacking, e-mails and thirsty plants await! Thanks again for visiting. We don't take that lightly.

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