Friday, July 11, 2008

Lemonade and Laughter

"He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed."
Proverbs 11:25

Refreshed indeed! What a fun day we had yesterday! Joshua and Gabrielle had their first Lemonade Stand. They had been asking for days to do this, and yesterday was the big day! It was such a joy to help them prepare and teach them how to honor God with our work/business through this nostalgic and classic summer-time activity.

First, we went to Tanner's to buy fresh lemons (to go in the Country Time mixed lemonade we made together). Then, we went to the Dollar Tree, and they purchased poster board and pitchers. At home, they worked together to make signs, count out cups, fill the ice bucket and set up the table.

For them to earn "start up" business money, they served our neighbors. Yesterday was waste removal day in our neighborhood, so there were empty trashcans at the bottom of our neighbors' driveways. For each trashcan the kids took up from the curb to the neighbors' garages, they earned a quarter from daddy and mommy. In all, they earned 12 quarters to start their business. (Usually, we try to take up the neighbors trashcans just to be good neighbors, but yesterday they earned money to do it.)

Before we began, I asked them to which church or ministry did they want to tithe from the profits of their lemonade stand. After discussing a few choices, they decided to give of their first fruits to a ministry that helps orphans in Africa. Click here for more information: African Christians Fellowship International.

Poised under a great shade tree, they were ready to begin! I silently prayed, "Lord, please bless them by having them each sell at least one cup of lemonade. Fill their hearts with joy for selling just one cup each." (I had visions of me as a little girl with my next door neighbor, Leah, as we had lemonade stands and rarely sold anything!)

Well, God answered this mommy's prayer in abundance. Not only did they sell dozens of cups of lemonade to landscapers, joggers, neighbors, family and became a day of fun for our neighborhood friends! It was exceedingly more than we could ask or imagine! A simple pleasure multiplied over and over.
Our first customers were Mrs. Lynn Rooney and Riley Rooney (their pooch).

How sweet was this!?!? The ice cream man stopped two times to buy lemonade! He said, "I'll always stop to buy lemonade from my customers."

This became a neighborhood event! Josh and Brie's neighborhood friends joined in with such enthusiasm, great marketing ideas, selling strategies and desire to become sales associates! We pulled out art supplies, and our garage floor became the advertising department. Here is a picture of the team! Thanks, Katie, Ryan, Johnny, Joshua, Gabrielle, Matt and Ethan!

"Now, we ask you brothers, to respect those who work hard among you...Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work. Live in peace with each other."1 Th. 5:12-13

A day of laughter and lemonade! We'll do it again soon and often!

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Jill said...


Great way to share God's sunshine and love with children!

Very creative!

Thanks for sharing the pictures too! CUTE CUTE CUTE!


Leebird said...

Hi there, I read your post on Lysa's blog about the leg of lamb from Trader Joes...I am totally going to try it. AND...I love your hubby's "If you love me, feed me sheep." saying! That sounds so much like something my husband would say! :)

Glad your kids' lemonade stand was a success...that sounds really yummy right now since I live in AZ and it's powerfully hot and unusually humid today. Blessings to you! Lee